Platamonas Medieval Castle


Panteleimonas old village

Ancient Pella















In the place of Aigai the capital of ancient Macedonia you can visit the burial place of king Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great.
The three Macedonian tombs are located inside the museum the atmosphere of which is extremely evocative.















Olympus is the highest mountain of Greece.
On its peak there was the residence of the twelve
“Olympian”gods according to the religion of
the ancient Greeks. It is the first national forest
of Greece with plenty of mountaineering paths
and unique natural beauty.














Ancient Dion

The ancient city was a cultural center related to the worship of Musses and Zeus.
In the ancient theater, located in the archaeological site, many performances and
music concerts are given during each summer.
In the center of the present village operates the archaeological museum.















Thessaloniki is the second largest city of Greece.
Here is a nearby airport at Paralia Katerini’s.
The historic center is home to the most of the
shops, attractions and recreation areas. The city
has along history of vast cultural wealth, many
monuments and museums.














Platamonas Medieval Castle

The castle of the Franks is built southeast of
Olympus, near the village of Platamonas.
It is the best preserved castle of the area
and is located on the old highway.














Panteleimonas old village

Old Panteleimonas is a picturesque village at
the foothills of Eastern Olympus!
One of the best examples of traditional
Macedonian architecture in northern Greece
with magnificent view of the sea!















Meteora is a cluster of huge rocks outside
Kalambaka, at the foot of Pindos and Hassia.
On the peaks of Meteora a lot of monasteries
are built, which are the second most important
monastic complex of Greece!














Ancient Pella

The second capital city of the Macedonian State after Aiges ( Vergina).
Within a walking distance from the
archaeological site you can visit the new museum.

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